6 Reasons Why Corporate Housing Is Better for Business Trips

by | Oct 14, 2022 | Blog and News

6 Reasons Why Corporate Housing Is Better for Business Trips

So, you’re going away on business, and you’re tempted to do what you’ve always done – book a hotel. But is that really the best choice?

You deserve better than a small room with noisy neighbors, a lackluster continental breakfast, and, if you’re lucky, an adequately comfortable bed. Whether you want to spend your downtime catching up on work or putting your feet up, your business trip accommodations shouldn’t be holding you back. Corporate short-term rentals are an increasingly popular option for business travelers, combining the functionality of hotel amenities with the comfort and ease of a private residence. Here are six big reasons to book a corporate rental for your next work adventure instead of a hotel suite:

More Space

Don’t let a tiny hotel room cramp your style – or you, literally. A short-term corporate rental gives you the space of an apartment or house for your belongings, so there’s no need to live out of your suitcase. Renting a home can also mean having a front and/or backyard area to yourself, giving you space for both your work and your life. Having room to live a full life while you’re on the road can make or break your business trip; this is especially true if you’re hoping to travel with a significant other, your family or a pet. Make sure you’re setting yourself up for success!

A more serene environment

Sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. One study on the cost of poor sleep found, “significantly worse productivity, performance, and safety outcomes,” among those who had poor sleep along with financial fatigue-related productivity losses. There are many ways to create a more restful environment to work, play, and yes, sleep in.

Privacy and quiet are important when cultivating a peaceful atmosphere. Choosing private short-term rental accommodations affords the most privacy you can get, far away from thin walls where you’re not at the mercy of boisterous neighbors.

Did you know that neuroscientists and psychologists have studied the impact that aesthetics have on the way people think, feel, and perform? Research suggests that how a place looks matters. So, forget drab, dated hotel décor – it’s not just that you’d rather stay in a beautifully furnished, well-equipped, and immaculately decorated space, it’s that you’re likely to feel and perform better while you’re there.

Restful sleep and peace of mind are priceless when you’re on the road – make sure you’re staying somewhere where you know you can relax.

Kitchen access

Eating well is always important, but it especially matters when you’re traveling for work and need to focus on the task at hand. Corporate housing will have all the amenities of a standard home, including a well-appointed kitchen, so you won’t have to rely on takeout to keep you fueled throughout the day. You can also rest assured that a two-burner electric stove-top does not meet the corporate housing definition of “well-appointed.” You will have your own, private kitchen that has everything you need so you can prepare your own food your own way. Whether you have health or dietary concerns or you just don’t want to deal with the fallout of eating fast food three times a day, a private kitchen means you won’t have to.

Space to Entertain

Hotel rooms are not traditionally a place to conduct business meetings, so having a private residence that you’d be proud to entertain in while you’re away on business is a gamechanger. Along with a kitchen, having an expertly decorated and furnished living and dining room can make your accommodations the perfect place to connect with clients, members of your team, or family. No matter what your plans for your trip are, having a versatile and beautiful space can only be an asset.

A place to your specifications

A hotel is limited in what it can offer you, and most of its rooms are the same. With corporate housing, you can find a short-term home that checks every box on your list. Want an at-home gym? A big backyard? A classy home office? Your dream home-away-from-home is out there. AvenueWest has listings in over 150 city centers across the country, so we can find the perfect place for you in your next travel destination.

High Speed Internet

Seriously, now – is there anything on this planet worse than slow internet? Having a looming deadline and poor connection is the stuff of nightmares, and shared hotel Wi-Fi won’t do you any favors when you’re trying to get important work done. A corporate rental house or apartment will have its own private internet connection that you can rely on for finishing that big project (or after-work Netflix binge). At AvenueWest, high speed internet is just one of the many basic amenities we offer with all our listings, so you can be sure that you’ll never be frustrated with a slow connection.


When you’re traveling for work, your accommodations should be a place you want to come home to. Reach out to us today – we’d love to show you the difference an AvenueWest managed corporate rental will make on your next business trip.